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Our Tradition

Our Tradition

Our Dialysis centers will provide you with a unique and welcoming experience. Your treatment is created just for you. With dedicated doctors, nurses and technicians there to assist you daily, you can rest assure that the management of your health care needs is entrusted to the best team of medical professionals. The CKS philosophy mandates that we treat the complete patient, not just the disease. The result is a comprehensive health care plan that provides services inclusive of:

  • Valuable resources intended to make the management of your healthcare needs easier
  • News and information that promotes keeping and staying active despite life on dialysis
  • Advice, ideas and suggestions on developing meal plans and recipes that will add a flavorful boost to your renal diet
  • Frequent updates and recommendations from your CKS physician that will help you, the patient, stay on track with quality healthcare and proper management of your kidney disease.

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